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    Problems Of Wireless Connection

    By Speedo | December 15, 2016


    Issues with wireless network

    There are plenty of wireless connections which can be really irritating. Problems of wireless connection can really slow down the speed of internet. This disturbs and also delays the speed of your work. Hence if you are having any problems of wireless connection then you must get it resolved very soon. If you don’t take these issues very seriously, this can trouble you very much. However here are some of the major and most common problems of wireless connection.

    Physical connections are usually an oft and overlooked basic culprit of the network problems. Check out each and every wireless access point or even the wireless router port for making sure that Ethernet cables are inserted properly and even link status LEDs are also green at both of the ends. If it is not so then you can check the following things.

    It might seem to be very much obvious but it’s very much essential to make sure that the Wi-Fi adaptor of the client used for the problems of wireless connection is enabled properly and is also ready for connecting.


    Problems with wireless connection

    Make use of wireless access point or the administrative GUI of the router for verifying the settings of network for your wireless network service and set to which the Wi-Fi client of yours is trying to connect.

    It is described that windows should be used for managing wireless connections, but it cannot be used at all place, getting rid of them with some other tricks becomes very much important.


    Ping your wireless connection

    Once the wireless connection has proper IP address, you can make use of ping for checking out your wireless connection. Run a command with the window from the wireless client from the start menu and make use of it to ping your routers IP address or AP with the internet control message control.

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