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    Process Of Installing A Modem

    By Speedo | November 12, 2016

    installing a modem

    installing a modem yourself

    Are you tired of your old internet service? Are you irritated with the bad speed? Are you thinking of changing your modem? If yes then have you ever thought of high modem installation fee which come along with it. If, you leasing any of the modem from your service provider, then you are just wasting out your money every month. You can easily get a new modem instead of paying its rent and if you are worrying about the high installation fee then you don’t have to worry about it. Installing a modem is really easy. It’s a totally DIY thing. You don’t need any technician for installing a modem. You just need to have the wire for the network and then you can do it easily. Here are some of the steps for installing a modem which can help you throughout the process.

    One of the things which are not very uncommon is that you bring a new modem and when you start installing a modem, you realize that the modem you bought is not much compatible with internet service which is available in your area. Hence it’s better that you first of all check the service provider in your area and then opt for buying the modem. It’s very problematic when you buy new modem which cannot be changed and it doesn’t fit in with your needs. The modem you choose will be depending upon the type of your internet connection. If you are having use of DSL, then you will be in need of DSL modem, getting any other modem will not work for you. If you are using p the cable hen you will be in need of cable modem. If you are having fiber optic connection then they will basically don’t any modems.

    Are you having a Mac or a windows PC or both? If yes then you need to make sure that whichever type of modem you are buying makes sure it will be working properly with operating system of yours. Most of the modems will work virtually with all types of operating systems. If you are making use of a router then you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of the operating system.

    There are plenty of brands of modems which are available but all of them will not have a great shelf life. Before opting for any of the brands read its customer reviews and try to find out the modems which have best cost to performance ratio.

    The first step of installing a modem will definitely involve removing old modem. Make sure that you uninstall any of the drivers related with your old modem and then reset your computer after doing that. Keep your old cabinets with you only as you might need them when you are installing a mode.

    This article will definitely help you in installing a modem but as each and every modem is different and thus they can have different set up procedure. It’s advisable to read all the instructions carefully for knowing the basic setup while installing a modem. Make sure to carefully read all the steps for avoiding any of the headaches at the later stage.

    Make sure to place your modem in such a place having good air circulation and also keep them away from other devices which can interfere with other signals. Follow all the instructions for connecting the modem with the cable or the DSL line in your home. If you use DSL, you will have a need to install filters first of all into a phone line.

    Once you have connected the modem to the source of service, and then power it on by plugging it and switching the power button on. Wait for few minutes so that the modem boot up totally. The power light must be solid when the connection light might be blinking because of the modem not being activated yet.

    Make use of an Ethernet cable and then connect your computer with internet or WAN port on the back side of the side modem. This will directly connect your computer with the internet. You can set your wireless network after the modem is been activated.

    Based upon your modem and service provider, you might have a need to run a set up program before you even use the modem. In certain cases, you might have a need to open a web browser and then have to follow the on screen prompts for activating your service. Refer to all the directions which are provided by your service provider for being sure. Some service providers might also need you to call up the MAC address of the modem. The MAC is available on the sticker which is either on the back part or the side part of the modem. It will be mixture of numbers and letters.

    Check out that the power supply is properly plugged in to the power outlet and modem both. If the modem is already plugged in with the power strip while installing a modem then check out that strip is still functioning. If everything is looking like it should be working properly then there should be a problem with power cable or with the cable.

    The simplest way to fix up your connection issues with modem is to power cycle it. This will mean unplugging it from the power source itself waiting for about 30 seconds and then plugging it again back. This will make the settings reset and hopefully it will restore the connection. If the problem will persist then you need to contact your service provider as there can be any outage in your area.


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