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    Ways of Finding a Computer Virus Infection

    By P J | October 27, 2016

    Computer Virus detection in the tool bar

    Computer Virus detected

    Computer viruses are small in size that contaminates the applications and functioning of your computer. The stored files and data get contaminated that are capable and useful for transferring to other computer. The main purpose of computer virus is to corrupt the files and the computer and spread in the entire computer’s system. Computer virus infections start slowing down the system down unless it malfunctions or crashes the computer wholly. Computer viruses come in all different sizes and shapes, but one thing that is common in all is it is detrimental to the health of your computer. It affects the computer widely; rather it is possible that it might get damaged wholly. It is not a mandate reason that if your computer is showing certain signs of functioning slow, and then there should be computer virus. Hardware and software problem can cause some of the same issues.

    The below mentions ways will help you in dealing with the situation of finding a computer virus infection in your computer.

    Computer virus infections:

    Checking your hard drive will help you to know that is your computer is affected from a computer virus or not. if you are not running any programs but your hard drive light is constantly turning off and on, or you are hearing your hard drive functioning fast, then it might have the possibility of having computer virus. The sound of your hard drive working fast might be the reason of computer virus in your computer.

    Observe the time, how much it takes to boot up. If you start noticing that your computer takes more time to start up as compared to its usual start, then it might be due to the computer virus. A virus can be the reason of slowing down the process of starting your computer.

    Even with the correct log in information, you are unable to log in to the windows; it is possible that a computer virus has taken over your log in process.

    Pay attention to your modem lights. If you are not currently working any program in your computer but still the transfer lights of modem keeps on blinking constantly. Then you might be suffering from a computer virus that is transmitting your data over the network connection.

    Making a note and observing about your program crashes help you in identifying that your computer is infected from a computer virus or not. If your regular programs start crashing more frequently as compared to the usual way, then a computer virus might be infecting your operating system.

    The programs that takes longer to work or load, and performing extra slow are also included in the list of infected part of your computer from a computer virus. Don’t forget to look for popups in your computer. If your computer is suffering from a computer virus, then you might start noticing messages that appears on your screen. Even if no other program is running, it will be noticed on a constant basis.

    This situation includes advertisements or error messages and many more such substitutes.

    Computer viruses also have the tendency to change the colors of your screen; even it might change the wallpaper without your permission. If you find yourself with new wallpaper that you haven’t selected, it is obvious that this changes have occurred due to a computer virus in your computer.

    If you are noticing a constant programming access on your desktop for operating the firewall, that program might be infected due to a computer virus. The reason, you are getting these messages because the program is trying to receive those messages, the program that is attempting to send the data through your router. Watch out for your stored files. Computer viruses often try to delete the files and data that are stored in your computer.

    It will make the changes without your consent and permission. If you find your documents and files disappearing from your computer, it is just because of computer virus that has entered your computer. Checking for the web browser is very important because it will help you in identifying the cause for computer virus infection. The web browser might open new home pages, and will not allow you to close the tabs you already opened it. Popups are another way to identify that your computer is infected from a computer virus. It will open as soon as you will open your web browser.

    That it is one of the good sign to identify that your computer is being well infected by a virus. If you are facing such problems and not having any clue about how to work on it, it is advisable of asking your colleagues and friends for their suggestions. If your computer is having a virus, you will appear with unwanted mails that your haven’t sent or received from anyone.

    Run an antivirus program for protecting your computer. You should always have an antivirus program installed in your computer that helps you in running it when it is required. Haven’t installed any antivirus program yet? Nothing to worry about, there are many free programs available from the internet that you can buy and install in your computer.

    Free versions of antiviruses like Avast or AVG are some examples. Download and install one of the programs for running your computer smoother.

    If you are unable to download the antivirus program on your computer due to the virus, download the program on another computer and transfer it to your computer for running it smoothly.

    Many of the websites have banner that claims that are infected. This type of websites are scam, you should never opt for such warnings flashing on your screen. Trust only your installed antivirus program that you have selected for your computer. It will help you in removing the computer virus and will offer a smooth functioning of your computer as before.



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