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    5 Best Ways to Deal with Slow Internet Connection

    By P J | September 22, 2016

    Workers repairing Slow Internet Connection

    Slow Internet Connection fixing tips

    Are your facing slow internet connection? What one should do while the internet connection is working at the snail speed? And what ways can help you in making it productive? Many more questions are in queue for needing its answers. We all love internet but imagine the situation when a serious break down of internet speed is observed. Having slow internet speeds feels like a cruel joke because it not only affects our work but the productivity too. Different ways of troubleshooting the problems and fixing it appropriately are presented below for having a clear idea of the slow internet connection. Slow internet speed results in wasting of time, and making your computer lobbed on a window.

    For time being, surviving with slow internet connection is beneficial for the users. It is better than having nothing, right? There are many ways that will help you in leading and fixing your slow internet speed that occurred at your office or home. The problem of slow internet connection has been prevailing commonly. Some causes of slow internet speed are in our scope of repair while some causes are such that are not in our control. There is nothing to worry about; either it would be task maintenance or elimination of certain factors by the server. But at the end, it will all sum up to appropriate fixing and working of good internet connection.

    Best ways to deal with slow internet connection



    speedtest showing accuracy of internet speed

    Speedtest – tool for measuring internet speed

    Many times slow internet connection issue arises because of not paying proper attention to your internet plan. Well, I may say that, you might be only paying for slow internet connection at your place. Knowing your plan used for internet is way more important because it will guide you the present situation.

    Make your presence and give a call to your internet service provider for knowing about the prevailing plan you are using. Speedtest is one tool that will help you in knowing the exact speed you internet is providing.

    Among all, the best way to avoid such situation is to upgrade your plan of internet. It will lead you in having adequate and high speed internet which will be working soothingly in your work.



    Certain indications are provided by the modem installed for having Wi-Fi in your computer. Check for availability of proper Wi-Fi signal. If you are using Wi-Fi, you may find your modem and router working properly but there might be the issue with the signal of Wi-Fi. Weak signal proves to be causing slowdown in your internet speed. Do not hide you the routers behind any television or in a box, it shows with less accuracy in speed and connection path becomes weak. Changing cable wire providing Wi-Fi services is another way of having better speed connection. Making the use of top rated Wi-Fi plan will not lead you in having slower rate of speed of internet.

    Finding accurate spot of keeping your router is proved to have better speed. Try to keep the modem in networked range for using its efficiency.

    Selecting right wireless channel will delegate the speed into having a better one. If you have neighbors, it might be possible their router channels disturb your connection speed. Let me tell you, wireless routers works on many different channels and little bit of interference by any other router may lead you of losing the accurate internet connection.



    Despite of having slow internet connection, you are in need of fast data connection then work smartly. Divide and prioritize your work according to the bandwidth capacity. The work that comprise of light bandwidth should be done first because it can work properly in slow speed. And at the same time, more time is required for heavy bandwidth task to work upon.

    Try to work less on browser while facing the situation of poor connection in internet and complete your outside work unless the access over internet works faster.

    Have your light bandwidth task done while on slow connection because it won’t take much time to have it done. Following this situation will at least not stop your productivity until the internet works accurately again.



    Knowing of internet defect can take a while; meanwhile you can make a step towards installing a Mobile of HTML version of browsers. It is advisable of setting up secondary browser for your computer. When facing from low speed connection, make the use of secondary browser. You might be thinking what difference does it makes? But it can really make a difference if you are working with a slow internet connection.

    This version will lead your computer in disabling the images, and less byes turns to light bandwidth sites.

    Opera turbo is one such tool designed for low internet speed that cuts off and brings the site to its minimum level of internet operation.



    Sometimes the error is not in human control, it is from the server that resolves automatically. Trying of new DNS may help you in increasing the speed of your internet. DNS means the language understood by computers. When you type the address such as thebroadbandresourcecenter.org in the browser, your laptop or computer uses the address with the help of DNS. With the help of such DNS, it translates the address into computer friendly IP address that is stipulated. Many times these DNS breakdown and cause an effect of slowing the internet connection speed.

    With the help of enhancing your computer by installing faster DNS will lead you in having adequate speed of internet. But if you present DNS is not facing such problem, replacing it with other DNS will not provide much change but it is assured that it may increase the speed by few millisecond more.


    Downloading speed and browsing speed differs from each other. Work on your productivity of having and fixing any slow internet connection issue more efficiently.

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