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    Top Trends To Improve Your SEO

    By Speedo | June 15, 2016

    SEOInternet is such a big world and it is also very much competitive. Information flows like air and before even you know things are changed. If you are in this world, you need to proactive and know the speed of internet and cope with it. SEO trends change even more rapidly than the date in calendar. There are many factors affecting SEO trends like content, its size, speed, mobile responsive and many other factors. You need to be aware of the things going on in the SEO market and cope up with it. People have started a lot surfing the web and hence you need to take steps as to how your site reaches the people and what is their response. You need to improve your SEO ranking and make it more mobile friendly so that more people reach it.

    SEO will definitely receive more importance as compared to anything else as it will surely help you to drive quality traffic to your site, it also boost up your brand and also gives visibility and it is also provides your business with credibility which it requires for getting success in the web world. After all what will be the use creating such large content and qualitative graphics when it is not visible and useful to the audience then they run the search query.

    In the recent time only marketers realized the value of SEO and they also aligned their content in a better manner for the audience and also make mobile optimization results better. 50% of the public prefer mobile searches and among them 60% of people result in making purchase and now you know why SEO is such important. SEO is one such process which drives traffic to your site from the paid and organic sources for winning the rat race for getting better ranking in search engines result pages. Search engine ranking always keep on changing from time to time, But good SEO ranking will help you to build your site in a way which will help you to drive regular and steady traffic to your website and pages by posting quality content. Here are some of the trends which will help your improve your SEO.

    In these upcoming times, social media is very effective source for boosting up your SEO. You can make use of twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn for promoting your content and also improving your SEO. You will be glad to know that 76% of the marketers make use of social media for supporting and boosting up your SEO. In today’s time, marketers will use everything and do every possible thing for making their tweets and Facebook post rank higher on SEO. You might think this is amazing that social media content will now be indexed on Google and various other famous search engines like yahoo and Bing. This will blur the differentiation line between social media and web in terms of SEO strategies. Thus prepare yourself, collect and find and make use of your valuable content for improving your SEO and making your page visible at its maximum level. If you are into improving your brand names then social media profiles are on the top result in the searching list. For instance if you are searching for any company’s name in Google then twitter profile of the company, Facebook page of the company and LinkedIn page of the company will appear on the top listing.

    We are very well aware that videos are really a good source of attracting audience, engaging them and even entertaining them. But do you know videos are a great source for improving ranking of the page of your site on SEO. According to one of the research, it is said that 62% of Google searches became universal because of videos. Thus now you can understand that videos are really a great source for improving your SEO ranking. So, why to miss out the opportunity to be on the first page of SEO by adding an awesome and engaging video in your content? Plain and static content can seem little dull and boring and this degrade your SEO ranking while adding a video can upgrade your SEO ranking and make your content more appealing.

    Is your website and your content mobile-friendly? If no then it’s a big drawback and your SEO ranking will never improve without that. Your audience is never in same place and people use all types of devices for hunting the information like mobile phones, tablets, phone watches and laptop. Seeing this thing many of the website went mobile friendly. Thus being mobile friendly has become a necessity or else your SEO ranking is not going to improve. Thus creates SEO strategies for mobile searches and get your SEO improved. 9 out of 10 people use mobile phones for shopping online. 70% of the search of mobile leads to shopping just within an hour. On a whole global mobile traffic is like 15% of total internet traffic. 95% of the phone users have searched for getting local information.

    These people usually prefer go use search, just because it is more easy and convenient. Voice search is even safer especially when someone is driving or multitasking then voice search really proves to be helpful and convenient. It has become an inseparable part of mobile usage as it has taken away a huge pain of typing the words for making any search or run any query. Almost each and every mobile phone has voice search options and functions. The popularity of voice search has become too much that even Microsoft and apple and Google are launching their own voice search function These is also an important feature to improve your SEO ranking.


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