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    How To Check Internet Speed

    By Speedo | May 25, 2016

    Internet speedIt is really very irritating when the speed of the interest is low. For a single search you have wait for a long period of time as it is always loading. Thus it is advisable to have a regular and periodic check on your internet speed. You might also have a misconception that everybody around you is suffering from the problem of low internet speed. But it might be only you who is having this issue of low internet speed. It takes quite a long time to download something or opening web pages. When you are facing such issues, you must have a check on your internet speed. It is really easy to check the internet speed and if you want to have a check on your internet speed then read this article which will guide you on having a check on your internet speed.

    It is important that before you run the check of your internet speed make sure that your computer is connected with the internet. For checking the speed of the internet, you need to go the start menu and then you should search for network. After that you should click on “Network”. After that, click on the view status for getting information on the internet speed.

    Here also for knowing the speed of internet, you should first make sure that your computer is very well connected to the internet. Hit the button of “command” + F. After that type in activity monitor and then double click on the application. After that click on the network tab so that you can get information on the peak speed.

    It is very important that you close all of your application before you run the speed test. It is but obvious that you don’t want any of the sluggish application to interfere with the measurement or the speed of your internet. Check that your internet is connected.

    Internet is the best source from which you can hunt for any kind of information. Check on the internet regarding any kind of internet speed test and you will many options to pick one from all. Pick few among them so that you can run your internet speed test. Most of the internet speed test will sell some or the other thing but it is not at all a big deal. It is a part of the internet speed test. You have got the option of waving the offers and prompts. Before you run the simple speed test, go to some different website. For selecting the test destinations, you will be availed with the option of pc pitstop and speakeasy. This is very good as you can get option of testing the same city from both the sides and also be able to compare the results. You cannot expect the result to be same, it is obvious but you will be able to get an good average.

    It’s better to select a server which is closest to your location while checking your internet speed when it is prompt. In this way, the proximity of the server would not be on the shortlist of the most possible results as to why is your internet running on the low speed.

    Make a fair and reasonable comparison on how speedy your internet is as compared with the typical speeds for the type of internet you have. Compare the dial-up modem which should be 10 to 40 KB/sec. After that compare the DSL or cable which should be around 500 KB/sec. Then you should compare T-1 which should be 1000+kb/sec.

    The internet speed test result is necessary to determine whether you are having really slow internet speed or the speed which your internet is having is normal according to your package and you are feeling it slow. The result of internet will be different from one test to another It can be fluctuating. There can be various reasons for this. The major two results for having different results for internet speed test are distance and metrics to the test of the server. Many of the times, you will not be having any idea where the destination of the test is, so always keep this fact in mind. There are some of the internet speed tests which will let you choose the location from test to test. Usually the best test which you should make is the one which is closest to the server near you. The reason behind this is that you are trying to check your connection and want to know whether the connection is okay or not. Keep in mind there is no need to call your ISP if the speed of your internet is not according to your expectation or not according to the agreement between the service providers to you. Each and every service provider will be different from what they actually show on paper. There are many factors which affects the internet speed and all the time it’s not the fault of service provider. The speed of your internet might vary from one day to another or even there is change in speed several times in a day.

    When there is vast difference in the internet speed which provider promised and what you actually get, you can contact your service provider and register a complaint for slow internet speed. It’s the responsibility of the service provider to deal with the issue of low internet speed which has to be suffered by you.




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